Sage Sticks (white & blue sage)


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White Sage is commonly known for its sweet aroma, and grows along the coast of Northern California, in the US.

Sage  carries great antibacterial, antioxidants, antiseptic and anti inflammatory  properties, helps fight memory loss,

Warning: Adult supervision required. Avoid smudging if pregnant. Keep children and animals away from lit sage sticks. Do not leave lit sage stick unattended.

Directions: Light a small portion (the tip) of the bundled white sage over a bowl containing sand (or a flame proof container with other non-flammable material). After burning sage stick, extinguish the bundle in the bowl with sand. Store the remaining sage bundle for future use.



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White Sage 9"x1" (1), White Sage 4" (2), Blue Sage 4"x1" (1), White Sage 4" (x1), White Sage 4" (x3)


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